Training & Consultancy

The customer demand in our unique combination of expertise and skills has prompted us at SXI to expand our services towards training and consultancy. Whether you are setting up an airline, adding a new type of aircraft or recruiting additional crew members, we can assist you. We can offer base training, line training or operational support.

Maintenance check flight
training course

In the Near future, EASA will require pilots performing ‘level A’ maintenance check flights to also have followed the training course for ‘level A’ maintenance check flights. These are maintenance check flights for which the use of abnormal or emergency procedures, as defined in the aircraft flight manual, are expected. ‘Level A’ maintenance check flights also include the requirement to check the functioning of a backup system and other safety devices.

Maintenance check flight

We can provide ‘level A’ maintenance check flight training courses in compliance with ‘Part SPO.SPEC.MCF.120’ for several aircraft types. In addition, we can assist you in developing the mandatory maintenance check flight manual.Southern Cross International has qualified personnel to support the development and the certification of flight test programs by OEMS and STC providers.

Line Operational Safety Audits

Line Operational Safety Audits (LOSA) is an extremely effective and proactive tool as part of Safety Management Systems (SMS), to develop countermeasures to human errors in aviation
We provide instructors who act as experts and are highly trained observers during the regularly scheduled flights, collecting safety related data on environmental conditions, operational complexity and flight crew performance. This provides diagnostic snapshots of the strengths and weaknesses of a flight operation, which an airline can use to improve its safety margins and prevent degradation. This way, LOSA also functions as a safeguard to ensure the equipment is used in a safe and proper manner