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We at Southern Cross International (SXI) are an international service provider within the aviation industry with more than 30 years of experience. We take responsibility for safe, efficient and worldwide operations for each of our aviation services which we could organize and manage entirely. We believe in a personal and tailormade approach in all the services we provide to fit the needs and requirements of our customers. Our customers include, but are not limited to, leasing companies, airlines, companies and MRO’s.

In our active years within the aviation industry, we have built a vast network of professionals in order to provide our customers with the optimal and most efficient solutions for almost any aircraft type. Whether it is for an Ad Hoc ferry (i.e. in case of a bankruptcy), a complicated flight route or an independent aircraft testing, there are no limits to the availability and proficiency of our services. Therefore, we have a market position of being among the most price competitive and time efficient service providers in aviation.

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